Double Digit, a renowned Digital Marketing and Content Production company. 
Its new offices are born from the search for a dynamic and functional space for a company in constant growth and high creative generation with more than 100 collaborators. 
The offices are located in an area of ​​two abandoned industrial buildings originally dedicated to high-volume laundry. Through a detailed design strategy, more than 80% of the existing infrastructure can be reused. This also gives us the possibility of creating new spaces with an approach of generating different environments. 
Work Area 1, Work Area 2, Meeting Rooms, Management Offices and Dining Room, each have their specific atmosphere defined for each task to be carried out by their work team. The materials used seek to create the feeling of being a cozy, relaxed space, but without losing the industrial and open-minded feeling that the very dynamism of the company requires.
Electromechanical design and inspection by ALCA Ingenieros. 

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