The project of the new office of Edify Software Consulting is developed in the internal space of an office building with its finishes in gray construction. Customers require a different, dynamic and open space that attaches to the type of young and creative employees who work with them. Offices had to provide different environments for each group's need. This kind of innovative and creative vision of the customer made the process of designing space on our part very fluid and unhindered. In this way and together, we develop offices that we are proud to share.
The first design decision was to get out of the obvious column grid that a building provides and work on other angles. Using textures of natural and opposite elements creates obvious changes in environments just steps away. Natural light and views were always very important so the windows were left intact and sunshades were placed to prevent direct sunlight from entering without sacrificing sight or abusing artificial air conditioning.

Edify Software Consulting's new office are an excellent example that the design of the space where you work directly influences the productivity and results you get.

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