This project was published by some of the world's most renowned architecture sites, Architizer and Archdaily. You can find it as Seagull House on Architizer or as Casa Gaviota on Archdaily.
Casa Gaviota or Seagull House is a project developed through in-depth site analysis and comprehensive awareness of the environment. 
Located on a mountain surrounded by topographic depressions and very close to the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the project sits lightly on the ground while keeping more than 80% of its areas in the air. It touches the ground only as much as necessary, thus reducing the humidity and waterproofing of the soil and making the most of the cross ventilation throughout the project in a natural way. 
The precise orientation from east to west of Casa Gaviota allows the north side to be fully opened, providing all the necessary lighting to the project and creating environments that change dramatically throughout the day. From the deck you can visually and audibly appreciate the nearby river, which refreshes the environment and feeds the flora and fauna of the site. 
The opening arrangement between the two modules allows the user to continue the established route of the terrain without changing the course when walking, maintaining the same original route before the project existed. The house does not interfere between the user and nature.

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